Innovation Hub

We’re more than just your innovation arm. We are innovation made real for the entire market, and the support entrepreneurs need to scale up their businesses!

Our Innovation Hub is a corporate venture we launched in 2016 to help startups connect with our ecosystem.

Our focus is on accelerating our clients’ innovation. We present solutions with high value-generating potential in order to create and strengthen great partnerships.

We accelerate innovation by presenting B2B solutions with great technological potential that accelerate innovation and add value to your company. We transform business challenges for startups by acting end-to-end. We’re more than support for investments. We care about guiding the growth of startups, creating strategic partnerships and access to the market, supporting your growth, building mentoring relationships and co-designing products and solutions.

Corporate Venture Capital

The Innovation Hub actively searches the market for B2B business solutions to add to our service portfolio.

Connection With an Ecosystem of Innovation

We partner with the main domestic market ecosystems to practice open innovation.

Intrapreneurship Strategy

We offer BRQ #whizzes innovation training, as well as opportunities to present their ideas and possibly become BRQ partners.


A solution for customer self-inspections of property in multiple branches of several markets, created after a challenge arose for a BRQ client. This solution generated a 25-fold increase in self-inspections and an 82% increase in the number of reports analyzed within 24 hours. Today, this startup operates in several industries: finance, insurance, vehicles and agrobusiness.

A no-code/low-code platform that helps companies to accelerate digitalization of their business processes, getting rid of the “tech-speak” and eliminating the bureaucracy of software development.

An instant payment solution utilizing facial recognition. Payments can be made up to 9 times faster, all without any need for a credit card or a cell phone.

A Super DDA (Authorized Direct Debit) app with access to bank slips, bank charges, agreements and automatic debit automation.

A software platform using AI to allow employee recruitment and selection with video interviews that can reduce costs and lost time by 87%.

Document digitalization, orchestration and signing, notary services and electronic transactions.

A digital cloud platform focused on meeting compliance regulations and leveraging artificial intelligence.

A white label bank services platform that allows companies to offer digital financial services.

Solution for managing business fleets, especially small and medium-sized rental companies, in all pillars of the operation. From the financing and purchase to the operation and sale of vehicles.


New business opportunities

We invest in innovative solutions to support our clients as they accelerate their digital transformations. We create new products and solutions to add to your assets and increase revenue, with a constant focus on creating value for our clients.

Connections with innovation ecosystems in Brazil and the United States

We help your company connect with our ecosystem, which has a variety of innovation teams. Our focus is on helping startups in the Innovation Hub to open up new business prospects, understand your challenges and act as an innovation expansion arm.




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