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BRQ Way: our commitment to empowering our talented team

Career and Development

  • Weekly meetups and training sessions
  • Technology certification incentive program
  • 4 career development tracks
  • Mentorship Program
  • LevelUp (Gamified Learning Platform)
  • GoFluent (Language Learning Platform)
  • Partnership with educational platforms such as Dio and Alura


  • Telemedicine
  • Psychological support and social assistance
  • Anywhere Office
  • Telenutrition
  • Gympass
  • Agreements and partnerships
  • Multi Benefits Card: Culture, Education, Home Office, and Mobility
  • Organizational Pulse
  • People First: 1:1 Conversations with the People Team whenever needed

Communication and Celebration

  • Profit Sharing
  • Commemorative Actions, like Family Day, Fera’s Day (yes, we have an exclusive action to celebrate BRQ professionals), and more
  • iFood Voucher on your Birthday
  • Personalized outfit for your baby
  • Corporate Social Network and Juntos com a Liderança program
  • FeraGPT – Generative AI Chat for your Fera journey


  • Diversity, Inclusion & Sustainability Program
  • Minority Group Committee
  • Entry Point: Internship and Trainee Training Program
  • Green IT
  • Official sponsor of social projects through Incentiv
  • Official sponsor of the Child Institute
  • Commitment to the Ethical Work Movement BRASSCOM
  • Lean and Agile Mindset

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Diversity, inclusion, and freedom 🏳️‍🌈

ERG for Black Employees

ERG for Women

ERG for the LGBTQIA+ Community

At BRQ since 2011, I've been part of various projects and teams, always finding a welcoming environment that makes me feel at home. The company takes care to drive and motivate professionals with a focus on well-being and career development. This has been essential for my personal and professional growth. I feel proud and grateful for my journey here and hope it continues for many years to come.

Felipe LessaSenior Project Coordinator

It's been a year since I became a #BRQ fera, and I'm very happy. I feel motivated to learn every day to deliver better results. I take advantage of the learning paths and training courses offered here, as I believe this knowledge will develop me to work in the management field, which is my future goal, and I believe BRQ will assist me on this journey.

Marcio José MarinhoSenior Support Analyst

BRQ gave me the essential opportunity for every professional starting their career, the entry into the job market. We have support and continuous development platforms that will help me achieve what I have planned for my career. I feel immensely grateful for the opportunity and happy to be part of one of the largest technology companies in Brazil.

Matheus RamosJunior Marketing Analyst

You choose the direction you want to take in your career

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How do I send my resume?

All of our open positions are posted directly on LinkedIn. To register, just access this link, find the ideal job for you and complete the simplified application.

Does BRQ have an Internship Program?

Yes, we have the Entry Point BRQ Training Program, which empowers people through technology training.

The program consists of mentoring, technical learning path, development of behavioral skills and feedback. All this for free! Click here to learn more.

What are the benefits that BRQ offers its professionals?

We have several benefits to make the experience of our professionals unique, and go beyond the expectations of the job, such as:

Professional development: Immersion in languages (GoFluent), Exchange to the United States (Base Camp), Mentoring, weekly meetups and training, Technology certification incentive program, Learning platform with gamification (LevelUp), 4 development fronts and the Entry Point BRQ Training Program.

Health and well-being: Telemedicine, Psychological Support and social assistance, Anywhere Office, Telenutrition, Gympass, Various agreements and partnerships, Organizational Pulse and Multi Benefits Card, with: VR, VA, Culture, Education, Home Office and Mobility.

Celebration: Profit sharing, Team Happy Hour, Ifood on the birthday and commemorative actions, such as: Family Day, BRQ Party and Beast Day.

What is the work model at BRQ?

We work in various models, including the Anywhere Office, Hybrid, and On-site, depending on the client’s project. The information you are looking for can be found in our job descriptions on LinkedIn.

What is the Ethical Work Movement?

The movement aims to address informal employment in the labor market and is in line with the eighth UN Sustainable Development Goal, which focuses on promoting decent work and economic growth.

This is BRQ’s public commitment to ESG practices — actions aimed at the environment, social and governance, as well as ethical and sustainable work. Learn more.

What are BRQ’s main focuses?

At BRQ Way we create a journey of transformation for each BRQ professional, who is called Fera around here.

Our mission is to go beyond the expectations of the job. We want to connect, transform and empower each person so that he/she can use his/her passion to transform the world with technology:

  • Career & Development
  • Health & Wellness
  • Communication & Celebration
  • ESG

We work for sustainable development and the individual well-being of people, the main accelerator for the transformation of the world. ​Click here and learn more.

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