user Experience

UX – The use experience

Creating an easy, pleasant, straightforward, and smart user experience that is secure is just as or more important than a good product.

  • Design of user-oriented experiences
    • Definition of the users and mental models.
    • Creation of the interface’s new workflow
    • Creation of wireframes
    • Description of functionalities and the design and development aspects.
  • Usability tests

UX – Usability Tests

Usability Tests are surveys that return real information directly from users on how they use the digital product or channel and real security issues when using the interface in their daily routine.

People within the target audiences are recruited to use the digital product or channel on an environment monitored by experts who will analyze the experience and difficulties when performing typical actions.

Tests may be made during certain stages of the project or continuously by working with marketing, sales, product, and technology teams.

UX – Heuristic analysis

Our team of experts make a complete evaluation and survey the main difficulties in using the digital product or channel. It is useful to validate and enrich the interface project, so as to prevent errors before development.

  • Identify possible understanding and navigation difficulties faced by users or consumers
  • Evaluate the product using usability criteria
  • Identify usability issues
  • Generate a document that eases product restructuring or review

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