Tailor-Made applications

Flexible models and best practices that increase efficiency

Applications and Software Development


Flexibility, best practices, and operational efficiency. BRQ operates along the full spectrum of applications, from allocation of resources to customized implementation and development.

  • Customized Development
  • Application Management and Maintenance
  • Software Development
  • Testing Service
  • Staff Allocation


ModelWhen to Use?BenefitsHandicaps
AllocationThe client needs to expand their development teams
  • Management and resource training remain with the supplier
  • Streamlines management of the highs and lows in demand of client projects
  • The client is required to have their own environment, project management, and processes
  • The risks inherent to the development process lie with the client
Code FactoryWhen the volume of demand is very high and the client desires to subcontract coding to obtain economies of scale
  • Allows the client’s team to give full attention to other activities of the development cycle
  • Higher degree of formality
  • Economies of scale
  • Investment in development setup
  • Level design detail
  • Communication of issues between teams in different locations
Test FactoryWhen independent testing subcontracted to a supplier is desired
  • Independent testing
  • Standardization
  • Specialization
  • Requires a higher degree of formality for project documentation
  • Requires a better structured process
Development FactoryWhen the client desires to keep control of critical activities such as architecture requirements and subcontract modeling, building and testing
  • Reduces communication issues and the degree of details of in the code
  • Requires more robust requirements and architecture
  • Allows gains in efficacy through reuse
  • Investment in Factory Setup
  • Requires maturity for subcontracting
  • Requires close follow-up with the client’s analysts and system architects
Software FactoryWhen developing long-term systems or a smaller system sets is desirable
  • Specialization in the client’s area
  • Formality and standardization
  • No need for requirement analysts or architects on the client’s site
  • Investment in factory setup
  • Requires subcontracting management
ProjectThe need to develop a single system that does not require a factory setup or the associated level of formalityEfficiency of an integrated team operating with a light processDoes not drive economies of scale in the development of large systems or several smaller systems

BRQ is CMMI 3 certified

BRQ is CMMI 3 certified

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