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Database Administrator

The professional is responsible for maintaining and managing databases to allow for proper organization, querying, and storage of information in different manners. They are also responsible for building search programs to retrieve data from the internet and digital systems in addition to editing forms and other display information. Overall, they seek the best way to use the database not only in technical terms, but also keeping the users in mind so that databases can be straightforward and effective systems.


Information Security Analyst

This expert develops techniques to minimize the risks of information theft, corrects faults found in the processes, and manages equipment and software that prevent attacks, such as firewalls, antivirus servers, and spam filters. The analyst is also responsible for the maintenance of these actions, disclosing security communications for the team, providing technical training for the teams in charge of the systems and raising awareness among users and associates.


Technical Support Analyst

The role of this expert is to provide technical support for users regarding software, internet use, systems connected by networks, in order to prevent downtime. They upgrade the implemented systems in use and solve technical problems.


Information Architect

This professional is highly important in IT as planning the architecture of a project before development prevents many risks. They select select modules and technology, think about security and how to perform the graphic interface. They analyze how to report errors that occur between the various layers of a system. After this analysis, the architect provides the requirements to the programmer and together they develop a concept to prevent external factors from impairing main functionality, ensuring users may easily reach their goals.


Software Developer

In addition to developing software, developers may also perform software maintenance in a mainframe system or develop software for personal computers. The software ranges from straightforward programs to electronically control the inventory, to very complex systems used by large companies.


Business Analyst

A business analyst helps to coordinate and facilitate strategic planning and plans meetings to set targets so that managers may focus on new ideas. After all analyses are made, the business analyst transforms strategies into feasible business solutions.


Systems Analyst

A system analyst keeps direct contact with clients to verify their needs, requirements, or problems users may be encountering. They perform an initial analysis of a project and then put together documentation so that the system may be built. System analysts are required to have good knowledge of both hardware and software, and must understand the applications being developed and the behaviors of the final user.


Test Analyst

Test analysts conduct software testing. They prepare and execute the necessary tests, collect and manage the data gathered, and then evaluate the results of each cycle.



Web designers are responsible for coding what has been created by the interface designer. They will solely work with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, and occasionally with Flash. Designers are also responsible for publishing the website.


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