Cross-Platform Development
Conception, design, and development of mobile platform applications

Conception, design and development of mobile platform applications


Mobile, hybrid and Web Responsive Development


Mobile, hybrid and Web Responsive Development

Mobile applications are typical examples of digital products. BRQ operates from product conception up to its maintenance and evolution supported by the company methodology
Three main approaches exist for product development:

Native Applications – Developed specifically for a platform (Android, Apple, Windows) and offer a sophisticated and fast user experience.

Hybrid Applications – Developed with the support of specific tools that convert the code for different platforms, bettering productivity with a homogeneous product.

Web Applications – Developed for the web and accessed via browser as a regular website. Use techniques to obtain a good user experience with any screen format, also known as “responsive design”. They do not require the installation of any software or application on a device.


Count on our experts in:

UX - User Experience
UX – Use Experience

Usability study focused on mobility, convenience, ergonomics, and productivity.

Creation of prototypes to define application navigation and functionality.
UI - User Interface
UI – Interface Design

Interface design based on references such as visual identity, colors, typography, trends, etc.
Codificação Mobile

Development of native and hybrid mobile applications.
Codificação Web
Web Coding

Development of mobile applications for the web.
Codificação Back-end
Back-End Coding

Development of back-end systems according to client needs or integration with external systems.




APP Mobile Banking

APP Mobile Banking

Creation of a mobile application for a large financial institution. Native and hybrid development that follow the visual and functional standards of the client.

  • Implementation of new functionalities with access to the bank’s legacy system;
  • GPS tracker to find the nearest branches using a device’s geolocation.
  • Barcode reader using a device’s camera.
Credit Granting APP

Credit Granting APP

Development of an application for loan firms whereby the operator queries registration restrictions, even before beginning the process to release credit solutions.

The final solution quickly provides information on consumer qualification, so as to prevent requests being made prior to other regular procedures, such as completing applications.



Tablet Account Opening

Digitization significantly reduces costs and transforms client experience


  • Obtaining and validating registration data
  • Digital capture of documents
  • Digital capture of signatures and biometric data
  • Attaching time and geolocation stamps
  • Manager digital signature
  • Electronic submission of contract to client
Scan processes reduces the cost
  • Account opened in minutes or hours
  • Pleasant and efficient experience
  • Mobility
  • Secure time, location and approval records
  • Significant cost reduction


digital bank account opening - BRQ



Online Quoter with Mobile Inspection – Casualty Insurance


Online Quoter with Mobile Inspection – Casualty Insurance
Current Scenario

03 Days
03 Approvals
00 Redrafts
Previous Scenario

15 Days
22 Approvals
05 Redrafts



Business Manager Mobility


Mobile platform where all products are available on the Manager Tablet to make various simulations and offer products according to each profile.

The tool allows you to scan documents directly with a camera. If the Manager tool is not familiar with some product, it has the capability tostart a video conference with the person in charge.

Business Manager Mobility

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