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Why work with BRQ?

BRQ offers IT jobs in several regions of Brazil and is today one of the leading IT companies in the country and a benchmark of quality services.

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BRQ is today one of the leading IT companies in the country and a benchmark of quality services. This achievement is a result of the work of a highly-qualified team that believes in the company.
  • Domestic and international footprint
  • High performance in IT services
  • 23 years in the Market


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BRQ offers IT jobs in several regions of Brazil.

Our job opportunities are constantly updated. Send in your resume.




Why work with BRQ?

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BRQ Entry Point program

Entry Point Program

BRQ offers a full learning and tracking program for all new interns. Interns earn qualifications and are accompanied during their tasks and periodically evaluated by coaches who closely follow the progress of these future professionals.

Leader Academy

The Management Development Program targets the enhancement of BRQ’s managers’ skills and the development of professionals for team management positions. The training is arranged into two modules delivered in partnership with Integração Escola de Negócios school and ISE Business School.


IT online training

Online training is available to make daily activities easier and promote continued learning, qualification, and excellence.
Cursos Online BRQ

PIC – Programa de Incentivo a Certificação

PIC – Certification Incentive Program

In the search for increasingly qualified professionals, BRQ invests in PIC, a program focused on encouraging employees to obtain strategic certifications for the IT market. Through the program, employees who pass certification exams that are relevant to BRQ will be fully refunded the costs of the exam.

Bem Estar BRQ

Well-Being at BRQ

Activities to improve posture, relieve stress and issues related to being sedentary and the repetitive work are part of this program. BRQ offers shiatsu, postural blitz, occupational gymnastics, health and well-being tips.


BRQ has partnerships with a series of establishments to offer unique advantages to our employees. Employees are offered discounts at educational establishments, language schools, restaurants, bars, gyms, banks, insurance providers, transportation companies, dentists, telephone carriers, and much more.



BRQ prizes communication and transparency with employees and invests in various information channels that focus on deepening relationships and the integration of our team.Comunicação BRQ

Vagas de emprego para deficientes

Jobs for physically-challenged people

Administrative assistants; Analysts with basic knowledge of Java, .NET or Mainframe languages.
Those who are interested may send their resume to: with the code D062011 in the email subject line.

Saúde e Segurança no Trabalho

Occupational Health & Safety

The purpose of Occupational Health & Safety is to ensure the physical, mental, and psychological health of employees, as well as for safety and integrity in the work environment. It focuses on promoting health, preventing illnesses, and implementing quality-of-life programs to improve work conditions and organization, making the job more enjoyable.


BRQ has a program that recognizes and values professionals that stay with the company for an extended period of their career. Meetings are held with unit Directors and awards are given.






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