IT Career

Information Technology: A rising career

Why to choose a career in IT?

Many students have fears about choosing a career – whether the profession is growing, if they are making a good choice, and especially which path to take in the journey.

Technological advances and the need for companies to stay competitive have created an increased need for IT professionals, solutions, and services. Professionals in this field have no difficulties in finding job opportunities.

Jobs in IT are available in virtually and type and size of company including: IT companies, government, industry, telecommunication, banks, and insurance providers. This demand is due to companies needing to continuously innovate their processes, launch new products, reduce costs, and solve problems. The search for IT professionals is growing, andthose who place a bet on this specialization will have a successful career.

IT: A rising career

  • High initial pay
  • High employability
  • You choose the profile of the company you want to work for
  • Growing market
  • Opportunity to work from home anywhere in the world.




Yearly Evolution of Direct Jobs in the IT Sector

IT employment grows 10% on average per year and already amounts to 400,000 high-quality jobs. As a comparison, employment in Brazil grew 3% on average over the last two years.

Yearly Evolution of Direct Jobs in ICT/IT Sector (thousand units / % growth)

Yearly Evolution of Direct Jobs in ICT/IT Sector

Source: RAIS/IBGE. Elaboração: FGV.



The IT Sector will maintain its strong growth over the next years

IT Expenditure in Brazil, 2006 – 2016 (R$M)

revenue (R$)

IT Expenditure in Brazil, 2006 – 2016 (R$M)

Source: IDC – Black Book Q313




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