Digital Products

The development of digital products requires a different approach. Know BRQ solution!

BRQ methodology for digital products


The development of Digital Products requires a different approach.


Methodology – Traditional Process

  • Results after many months or years
  • Final product very different from the expected
  • It is born outdated
  • Slow reaction to external events
  • Focus: deliver something that meets 100% of needs

BRQ Methodology – Digital Products

  • Weekly results
  • Participative: Final product is decided on a daily basis
  • Fast adaptation to an environment that changes continuously
  • Ongoing investment in technology and best practices
  • Focus: quickly deliver the least possible to create value for the majority of the users


BRQ methodology for digital product development begins with a “design thinking” stage…

Design Thinking - BRQ


BRQ may allocate methods, industry knowledge, consultants, architects, business and system analysts, as well as user experience (UX) professionals.


…followed by an integrated chain to produce fast results

Digital Products

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