Digital Letter


Scanning notifications enhances security and potentially cuts costs

  • Date and Time records of the letters delivery and reading.
  • Message integrity audit – records of all content sent and received.
  • Eliminate printing, handling, submission and storage of slips and other paper-based processes.
  • Quick search of documents and delivery slips.

Digital Letter BPO

Sent electronic messages are assigned a Unique Identification Number (UID) and an authentication hash with a time stamp certified by the Observatório Nacional.


Processes that depend on acknowledgment of receipt are the main opportunity

Example: Receivables Market (Investment Funds, Factoring, and Securitization Companies)

  • Payer notification upon sale
  • Collection notifications: extrajudicial, administrative, etc.
  • Submission of collection invoice
  • Submission of a copy of the invoice
  • Submission of the preprint invoice to the assignor site
  • Communication from the legal department
  • Finalization of business agreements
  • Verification of electronic documents
  • Daily submission of portfolio position


Many other processes receive security and cost benefits


  • Policy submission
  • Service order for vehicle repair

Investment funds

  • Communication with shareholders
  • Submission of required meeting minutes
  • Submission of investor position reports

Other Markets

  • Submission of utility provider invoices (water, electricity bill…)
  • Submission of course completion certificates from education facilities
  • Any situation requiring evidence of document delivery, opening, or reading

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