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Cloud Computing is the use of servers, storage devices, and other IT infrastructure components provided via Web. The company uses IT resources only when needed and in the amount needed at a given moment.
When compared to traditional data centers – in house or third-party – companies achieve significant benefits:

  • Agility – Create or change infrastructures in minutes
  • Availability – Non-stop operation even in the case of a disaster
  • Scalability – Support peaks in demand with quality
  • Cost Reduction – Pay for only what was effectively used

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Cloud Computing allows companies to create or change infrastructure in minutes.

Traditional Data Center

Building new environments is a complex and time-consuming activity

Cloud Computing

Infrastructure in Minutes

Traditional Data Center
  • New development environment
  • New qualification environment
  • New environment for Argentina
  • Add 1,000 servers
  • Remove 1,000 servers



Cloud Computing allows companies to work 24/7, even in the case of a disaster.

Traditional Data Center

Costly and complex contingency

Cloud Computing

A company can operate in several continents simultaneously.

Traditional data Center
Cloud Computing



Cloud Computing allows companies to support high demand with quality, no matter the size, duration, or frequency.

Traditional Data Center

Idle most of the time and does not adequately support high demand.

Cloud Computing

A high-quality experience in any situation.

Number of servers - Traditional Data Center
server's scalability



Cloud Computing allows companies to transform fixed costs into variable costs, channel investment into core activities and reduce the cost of IT operations.

Traditional Data Center

Forecast demand, invest, and operate continuously.

Cloud Computing

Pay only for what was used and only use when necessary.

Cloud Computing: Idleness vs Need

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