Business Process Outsourcing

Outsourcing processes to gain efficiency

What is BPO?

BPO is a valuable strategy to add services into business processes for companies seeking new ways to improve corporate performance, through enhanced cost control, risk reduction, encouraging collaboration and increasing transparency.
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BRQ has an extensive and comprehensive portfolio
When procuring BPO services, companies seek to increase quality and reduce costs by implementing the industry’s best practices and operation at a higher scale, in addition to other advantages, namely:

  • Continuous improvement of company processes.
  • Tight control and transformation of fixed costs into variable costs.
  • Significant increase in flexibility and growth capacity.
  • Reports and SLA (Service Level Agreement) pre-defined in contract.
  • Elimination of investments.

BRQ is a member of ABRAPSA (Brazilian Association for Administrative Support Service Providers).


Internal Processes X BPO


Internal Processes

  • Fixed Cost
  • Limited Growth
  • Dependent on people
  • Obsolescence
  • Non-specialized management


  • Variable and lower cost
  • Scalability
  • Reports and SLA (Service Level Agreement) pre-defined in contract
  • Ongoing investment in technology and best practices
  • Measurement of quality and efficiency



BRQ combines three distinct expertises for a successful BPO

  • Knowledge and know-how in several industries and a portfolio of administrative processes for scale, reuse, and best practices.
  • Consulting group expert in process transformation and redesign for optimization and innovation.
  • IT for automation and digitization.

BRQ has several solutions to transform business processes



BRQ has several solutions to transform business processes

Cross-industry Processes


Customer Service BPO
Supplier Payments - BPO
Digital Letter - BPO
Digital Duplicate - BPO


Financial Industry Processes


Granting Credit - BPO
Credit Recovery - BPO
Housing Credit - BPO
Car Finacing - BPO
Contract and Credit Collateral Record - BPO
Bank Account Opening - BPO


Some Cases


Management of Celpe customer service area

BRQ is responsible for customer service at all Celpe branches in the state of Pernambuco. Processes were redesigned, automatized, and BRQ took over operations.

120,000 clients served per month;

Reduction of wait time in branches from 28 to 11 minutes;

Service satisfaction rate up to 97%.

185 Municipalities • 164 Correspondents • 51 Branches • 3 Million Clients

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Management of cash payments to suppliers for one of Brazil’s largest wholesale banks

BRQ reduced the total cost of this process by eliminating tax errors and overdue payments.

The process was completely redesigned and then automated with a software that controls everything from gathering payments and scheduling to document filing.

12,000 payments per month;

Fines and interest eliminated

Volume of R$ 150,000,000 traded per month;

Reorganization of staff from 21 to 12 employees;

Reduction of 30% in total cost

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Opening a Bank Account


Opening a new account is a complex, costly process and usually a frustrating experience for the new client

  • Requires the client to bring all necessary documents to the agency
  • Client waits or returns at another time to sign contracts
  • Account takes days to be opened
  • Documents and contracts need to be filed safely

Account opening is a complex, costly process and usually a frustrating experience for the new client

Digitization significantly reduces costs and transforms client experience


  • Obtaining and validating registration data
  • Digital capture of documents
  • Digital capture of signatures and biometric data
  • Attaching time and geolocation stamp
  • Manager digital signature
  • Electronic submission of contract to client
Digitization significantly reduces costs and transforms client experience
  • Account opened in minutes or hours
  • Pleasant and efficient experience
  • Mobility
  • Secure time, location, and approval records
  • Significant cost reduction


digital bank account opening much more efficient

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Credit Granting and Recovery


The digitization of the credit granting process allows significant cost and time reduction

  • Digital capture and verification of document authenticity
  • Digital signature
  • Credit granting workflow for hard copied, scanned, and electronic documents
  • Control of rectification of non-compliant documents
  • Integration and reuse of documents through the credit recovery flow


The electronic integration with public notary offices is a game changer for the credit recovery process

  • Electronic notary office notifications to show late payments
  • Territorial notification – to the notary office of debtor’s jurisdiction
  • Registered email notifications – with time stamps and a notary office registration
  • Extrajudicial protest of physical and electronic instruments across the country
  • Real estate notice and purchaser’s title for real estate registry office creditors
  • Electronic filing equipment
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